Here are 4 smart suitcases recommended to you(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: The intelligent luggage has appeared in major platforms and it is a new era of choice that can make the journey free of running, more comfortable and efficient, and also promote the change of traditional luggage, redefining the way of travel.

Recommendation 1: Airwheel SE3S

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Want to travel to play more easily and go more comfortable? Then ride on the Airwheel SE3S intelligent riding luggage, to 13km / h speed to save energy to set off. It has a 5.5-inch large diameter motor wheel, with electric telescopic pole, can grow the wheelbase, ride more smoothly, can easily through speed bumps, gravel roads, lawns, etc., so that the riding experience is more silky smooth.


The operation is also very simple. It adopts Airwheel's exclusive patented riding handle design, with only left and right paddles on the handle, the right side controls the acceleration, the left side controls the brake, while controlling the reverse, the difficulty of getting started is basically 0. Even senior users can quickly get started. If you want to give your parents a choice, you can get it without worrying about not being able to use it and idle.


Recommendation 2: Airwheel SE3mini

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Compared to the Airwheel SE3S intelligent cycling luggage, Airwheel SE3mini not only has a lighter weight, but also has a larger storage space of 26L, which can be used to meet the short and medium distance travel of three to five days, which is completely stress-free. Its riding speed can reach 8km/h, although it is not as fast as SE3S scooter suitcase, it’s much faster than walking speed, and the whole electric power drive can be very labor-saving ride in the airport, station, hotel and other journey scenarios, which will make the journey more labor-saving, comfortable.

The SE3mini meets the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding suitcase, so it can be carried on the plane without the need to check in. Its lithium battery also adopts a modular design, when the security check needs to be disassembled, it can be quickly removed from the luggage without the use of tools. At the same time, the Li-ion battery energy is 73.26WH, even with the cell phone, smart bracelet, Bluetooth headset and other portable electronic devices, the total energy value can easily be controlled within 100WH, to ensure smooth boarding.

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