Enjoy a cool travel with Airwheel SE3miniT in hot summer

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Abstract: Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase is quite different. It is different from ordinary luggage with a strong kinetic brushless motor wheels, relying on the control of the intelligent riding handle, as well as lithium battery drive, can be directly used to ride on behalf of mobility, so that the journey to move effortlessly. Moreover, the riding speed can be up to 8km/h, which is faster than relying on legs to walk, and can easily realize the effect of walking with the wind, and the cool experience can naturally be further strengthened.


Airwheel Se3MiniT rideabled luggage


In addition to bringing a sense of speed to the journey, it also provides plenty of power. The outer side of the case is specially designed with two sets of high-performance USB charging ports, which can be connected to the data cable at any time, charging for cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, handheld fans and other electronic devices to ensure that they are always able to work properly. You don't need to check the power level from time to time, and you don't need to be anxious about it, so your mood will be more relaxed and happy, and naturally you won't be hot because your heart isn't still.


Airwheel Se3MiniT rideabled luggage


It's easy to use for storage! Airwheel SE3miniT smart riding suitcase not only has 26L storage space, but also follows most people's habits of use, planning a reasonable functional partition, can easily realize the classification of luggage items storage, to do at a glance. Side-opening lid, also specially designed with Velcro, organ pleats, not only can be fully open, but also can realize 45 ° half-open, moving on the way, if you want to temporarily pick up and put the items, will be more easily operated, but also to avoid the internal items of the suitcase scattered or exposed in the line of sight of passers-by, bringing embarrassment.


Airwheel Se3MiniT rideabled luggage


SE3miniT is in line with the standard specification of the 20-inch boarding luggage, and can be directly on board; lithium battery (73.26Wh) is also a special modular design, without the use of any tools, , can be disassembled directly before the security check and shut down. The lock of the case also adopts the TSA customs lock, which is common internationally, and can avoid violent dismantling and inspection, making the journey more worry-free and enjoyable.

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