6 reasons for you to ride Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase for travel(Chapter 1)

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Abstract: Airwheel has launched a suitcase that can be used for storage like traditional luggage, but it doesn't stop there, instead it has come up with a brand new solution - SE3S, a rideable and rechargeable smart riding suitcase, to solve those problems that are otherwise unavoidable on the journey.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


The Airwheel SE3S riding luggage is designed to fulfill that fantasy, sporting an electric motor, rechargable battery and a steering rig the company likens to motorbike handlebars. It’s smart and connected carry-on that gets you to your destination much faster than walking. Here are 6 reasons for you to ride it for your next travel.


Reason 1: riding function

Airwheel SE3S as a smart scooter suitcase, the bottom of the box is equipped with a strong efficacy of the brushless motor wheel, riding use only need to press the right side of the acceleration knob, you can easily enjoy the sense of speed in the journey!


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Its riding speed can reach 13km/h, compared to the regular 5km/h-6km/h walking speed, accelerated experience is obvious, can greatly improve the efficiency of the journey movement, leaving more time to play, natural "cool" sense of upgrading!


Reason 2: USB charging

Two high-performance USB charging ports on the outside of the case allow it to transform into an on-the-go charging station at any time.

When your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, smartwatch, or other electronic devices run low on power, simply connect the appropriate cable and they will start charging immediately, ensuring a smooth journey.

Able to ride, but worried about riding for too long and warping the case or squeezing the luggage inside?


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 3: Tough enough

This is naturally not the case! As a qualified smart cycling case, Airwheel SE3S carry-on luggage not only uses ABS+PC composite material to ensure the high strength and excellent toughness of the case, but also adopts the patented design of 6-series high grade aluminum alloy with integrated molding technology, which can load up to 110kg, so it can be ridden and stored with peace of mind.

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