6 reasons for you to ride Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase for travel(Chapter 2)

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Abstract: We’ve mentioned the riding, charging and being tough features of Airwheel SE3S in the last chapter and today we will continue the rest 3 features.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason 3: Storage

Storage, is a common luggage have the function, but there is not enough, but also enough fine, can ensure a good use experience. Its lid adopts a side-opening design, and the side arrangement has a buckle, can adjust the opening angle, can be completely open, can also be 45 ° half-open, temporary access to the items during the trip, without having to put down the luggage, convenient operation, but also can fully protect privacy. Inside the lid, there are different space sizes of storage zones, which can organize clothing, shoes, bags and other large items, as well as keys, documents, notebooks, passports and other trivial small items, and it is very convenient to take and put them in the bag.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage


Reason5: Boarding

Airwheel SE3S intelligent boarding luggage body volume of 550 × 360 × 240mm, in line with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding box, when taking flights without check-in, can be carried directly on board.

The lithium battery adopts modular plug and play design, which can be disassembled and installed directly without the use of tools, and the capacity of 73.26WH is in line with the passage specification, so it only needs to quickly disassemble the battery before the security check and then it can be passed smoothly. The case lock also adopts TSA customs lock, which can avoid encountering customs violence to open the inspection, so that the journey is smooth and worry-free.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage

Reason 6: Mobile app

As a smart luggage, in order to facilitate the daily use, naturally, there is no shortage of specially developed APP. The exclusive intelligent APP of Airwheel SE3S smart cycling luggage not only realizes real-time monitoring and inquiry of speed, mileage, remaining battery and other data, but also can be used to customize the luggage's ambient light and speed gear, which can greatly facilitate daily use. Meanwhile, the intelligent APP of the deluxe version also realizes the functions of cruise control, intelligent remote control and disconnection alarm.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage

Multi-functional and multi-dimensional innovation, Airwheel SE3S Smart Cycling Case is a brand new journey program different from traditional luggage. If you want to pursue the coolness of the journey, then ride it and set off happily!

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