Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcases offer a whole new level of convenience and fun to the travel experience (Chapter 1).

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Abstract: The continuous development of intelligent technology has brought more and more convenience and surprise to people's life. Airwheel SE3S smart luggages offer a whole new level of convenience and fun to the travel experience.


Airwheel Se3S Scooter luggage

Whether it's a business trip or a trip, people are no longer satisfied with the basic storage that can be realized by the traditional trolley luggage, and more travelers hope to get a kind of innovative equipment to reduce the burden of the journey process. Airwheel SE3S riding suitcase is able to meet the above needs.


Airwheel Se3S rideabled luggage

It is different from ordinary luggage, the bottom of the luggage is equipped with a strong brushless motor wheels, especially to realize the riding function, to solve the pain of the journey. It’s able to adapt to a variety of road conditions. In addition to indoor smooth road surface, outdoor asphalt, concrete roads, speed bumps are completely stress-free! The riding speed is up to 13km / h, faster than walking speed, saving energy on behalf of walking at the same time, but also can greatly enhance the efficiency of movement, reduce the time consumed in the journey running around.


Of course, Airwheel SE3S scooter luggage also fully considered the actual use of all aspects of the process. Here are some details worth mentioning.

-Bigger wheelbase, smoother

The control handle of Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is specially designed with electric telescopic structure, the length of which can be up to 180mm after extension, which can fully lengthen the wheelbase of the luggage to ensure a more stable and smooth ride, even if you ride through the speed bumps, you can be smooth enough and don't have to worry about tipping over.


Airwheel Se3S Smart luggage

-0 Difficulty, easy to get started

Because it is a new equipment, in order to avoid the fear of difficulty, Airwheel SE3S intelligent scooter suitcase riding operation adopts a minimalist design. Its intelligent riding handle only has left and right handles, the right handles to accelerate, the left handles to brake, while pressing both can reverse. Even the elderly can easily get started!

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