Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcases offer a whole new level of convenience and fun to the travel experience (Chapter 2).

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Abstract: Airwheel SE3S robotic suitcases are a feature-rich, well-designed and innovative product. It not only provides travelers with the convenience of smart cycling, but also meets the charging needs, complies with airport boarding specifications, and has excellent strength and applicability.


Airwheel Se3S electric luggage

In order to ensure a long time riding, will not affect the service life of the luggage, and to ensure that the box is always solid and not deformed, the luggage inside the box from extrusion. Airwheel SE3S carry-on suitcases not only choose high-strength ABS + PC shell, while the case body is also reinforced with an exclusive patented box frame, the use of 6 series of aviation-grade aluminum alloy application of one-piece molding technology from the production of the load of up to 110kg.


Airwheel Se3S Scooter luggage

-Modular and boardable

Contemporary, whether business or travel, in the face of more distant destinations, people will mostly choose to travel by flight, which also means that more people need their own luggage to be able to accompany the boarding. Airwheel SE3S robotic luggage in the research and development stage, it is clear that the "boarding box" this position. In order to ensure compliance with the boarding specification, its body volume in line with the international 20-inch boarding specification, lithium battery capacity of 73.26WH, not more than 100WH, also in line with the relevant specifications made by the airline. At the same time, the lithium battery adopts a modular design, disassembly without tools, can be very easily disassembled before the security check to ensure smooth passage.


Airwheel Se3S ebike luggage

But it is not satisfied with this, in order to bring more convenience to the journey, SE3S scooter suitcase also specializes in the realization of the charging function, so that modern people often have power anxiety swept away. The outer side of the case is specially designed to expand the high-performance USB charging port, when cell phones, Bluetooth headphones and other portable electronic devices with insufficient power, connect the data cable, you can promptly replenish the power, easy to operate, very convenient.

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