Smart Suitcase Airwheel SE3S

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The SE3S electric smart suitcase from Airwheel breaks away from the traditional products that are only designed to store items. Equipped with a portable mobile power bank design, it innovatively enables the suitcase to transport people and solves the problem of the “last three kilometers”, thus reducing physical exertion for users in scenarios such as business trips, travel, and daily outings. With the innovative side-opening storage design, mobile charging function, and exclusive intelligent app, it allows users to have multiple experiences with just one product.


Airwheel Se3S scooter suitfcase MUSE

Furthermore, the design team considered that different users may have varying degrees of acceptance of new things so they followed the minimalist principle in the operation design, only setting left and right turning buttons corresponding to operations of forwarding, braking, and reversing with both buttons. This way, it lowers the user threshold so that users can quickly grasp the key functions. The maximum telescopic length of 180mm electric handle, so that users do not need to worry about the problem of overturning. To provide users with a smooth and comfortable riding experience, this product is equipped with 5.5-inch vacuum foam tires and a patented aluminum alloy frame with a load-bearing capacity of up to 110kg, ensuring that the product is fully adaptable to various road conditions and different consumer groups. The exclusive intelligent app is also a shining point of this suitcase. By providing users with features such as cruise control, Bluetooth disconnection reminder, search function, and programming function for customizing travel routes, it constructs a comprehensive service system.


Airwheel Se3S smart suitfcase MUSE

Besides its versatile functions, the suitcase also aims at providing a simple and fashionable style. The circular logo at the center of the suitcase outlines a futuristic image, which, together with the cool LED lighting design, renders the product vibrant and technological feelings.


Airwheel Se3S electric suitfcase

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