Why we love the Airwheel SQ3 scooter suitcases for children (Chapter 1)?

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Abstract: Kids will love taking ownership of this lightweight and durable suitcase, which features an interior elastic cross-strap to keep items secure. Being able to make anything entertaining is critical when traveling with kids. Airwheel SQ3 is a handy scooter suitcase and can turn a stressful trip into an immediate adventure.


Airwheel SQ3 smart suitcase

In order to give their children a meaningful and fulfilling vacation, most parents will choose to bring their children to have a trip. After all, it is better to read a thousand books than to walk a thousand miles, walking around, growing knowledge, very helpful to the children to build up the cognition of the world, but also can enrich their experience.


But with children traveling, is a very test of parental physical ability and arrangements, after all, although the child is lively and active, but the endurance is not as good as adults, it is easy to feel tired, need to be properly addressed by parents. In fact, the core of the solution to this problem is mainly focused on, how to let the child on the journey to walk more easily and save energy. And Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's suitcase is just the right choice.


Airwheel SQ3 smart suitcase

Parents don't need to worry about safety either. Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's box as a mature product, the launch of the world has been fully considered the details of the use of the process.


Its box body is made of three layers of composite compression PC material, but also reinforced with a one-piece molding frame structure, load capacity of up to 40kg, long time riding will not cause deformation of the box body; corners are rounded without angular design, during the use of the child can be avoided to bump and injure; rear wheels built-in spontaneous light lamps beads, night and other dark environments, rotating can be emitted colorful light, to enhance the degree of recognition, to avoid collision.

This is not the end of the SQ3 smart rideable suitcase for kids. Find more unique features in Chapter 2.

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