How fun it is to zoom around an airport on Airwheel SE3S smart suitcases

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Let the journey relax, which is the design concept of this is Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase. It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor wheel, driven by electric energy, can carry the user 0 physical consumption on behalf of walking, all the journey to move will become more wonderful.


Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase

Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase with riding function was born to make the journey more delightful. Its intelligent riding handle adopts the structure of electric retractable. When riding , we can press the retractable switch, extend the electric riding handle and motor wheel outward, the retractable length of up to 180mm, which can give more space to the legs, and help to significantly improve the wheelbase, improve the smoothness of riding.


Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase

Moreover, the riding speed can reach up to 13km/h, which is much faster than walking speed, enabling the journey to fully enjoy the speed brought about by the speed, time-saving, as well as silky smooth experience. Of course, taking into account the journey will sometimes be in a very crowded environment, too fast speed will only bring the difference, so Airwheel for the SE3S robotic luggage this smart cycling box has developed an exclusive APP, and through the APP to realize the choice of speed gears, when in the dense crowd or children/elderly people want to ride more safely, you can choose the 9km / h of the medium-speed gears, or 6km / h of the low-speed gears, can be said to be The design is extremely thoughtful.


Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase

In terms of storage, Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase does not ignore the detail design because of the basic function. It not only has a reasonable internal planning function partition, at the same time, the lid also adopts a side-opening design, the side is designed to adjust the opening angle of the buckle, so that luggage storage can be easily organized, temporary access to luggage during the journey, you only need to half open the lid, to avoid the luggage scattered, the operation is also more convenient. The lock of the case is also selected TSA customs lock, which can avoid violent dismantling and inspection when passing through customs, and make traveling enjoyable and worry-free.

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