Airwheel S3 Intelligence Electric balancing scooter, the Tesla’s driving feeling at your finger tip

  • Source:Airwheel

  Do you want to experience of riding what Tesla ?

  Actually you need is only an Airwheel S3 Intelligence electric balancing scooter.

  Airwheel Electric scooter, looks simple on full body, it integrates a variety of advanced technology with embodies the great efforts from R & D group.

  Produced by Airwheel Technology, S3 Electric scooter, appling Sony 18650 lithium battery which as same as the Tesla electric car applied, features powerful, stable and safe, besides the high quality battery’s performance, Airwheel S3 also applied the new magnetic suspension motor in order to low the noise and strengthens motivation.

  Airwheel S3 Electric scooter, it outstanding performance with considerable detail designing, S3 handle applied by natural silicone material, and bumper trip on back, which avoiding the wear while the scooter packing against the wall. Taking into account of after sale replacement and repair, the Airwheel S3 designed to be replaced at any time and continuously updating status.

  Compared with the previous model, Airwheel S3 electric scooter equipped with wireless remote control key in order to bring peak experience. The simple looked appearance S3, consists of one steer, two hubs and one widen pedal, assisted by steer, makes S3 are more easy to ride which compared with other series.

  All of this just to bring you feels as beautiful as driving Tesla.

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