Safety comes first. Airwheel safeguards your journey in comprehensive measures.

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Abstract: Recently, there are over 15,000 hoverboards are detained in Britain ports and airports. Trading Standards officers said the boards were in danger of overheating, exploding or catching fire.

Many have plugs without fuses, faulty cables or chargers that can burst into flames, according to Trading Standards. The news has caused a sensation among the self-balancing electric scooter industries. Safety comes first. Airwheel safeguards your journey in comprehensive measures.

The hoverboards that caused fire in Britain have made people to doubt the safety problems. Does the charger is the only problem? It said that 88% of the hoverboards it seized around the UK were found to be defective. No matter which vehicle it belongs to, safety comes first.


Airwheel Battery


Then the charger is up to the European standard with the Airwheel on it, which is highly reliable, in contrast to the inferior chargers. The following pictures are the Airwheel exclusive charger.

Additionally, Airwheel electric hoverboard has realized double battery intelligent protection system that protects the power system. That is, even if one system appears problem, the other system can ensure the whole electricity core is stable and safe in riding. There is no need to worry about the battery burning or explosion. Apart from the safety battery, there are other protective measures adopted to ensure the riders’ safety, to the largest extent, including tilting protection, speed control, low battery protection and warning.




More importantly, Airwheel electric skateboards has got certification of GTS for safety machinery, GTS test, IOS 9001 and certificate of compliance etc. it is crucial for the company, as the certificates means the quality of the products.


Airwheel X8


Over a decade development, Airwheel not only devotes itself into providing the scooter lovers safe riding experience, but also different riding experience by releasing various new products. Here, the editor also suggests riders ought to choose the branded electric scooters and do not be tempted by the lower price of inferior quality.

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