Airwheel will resume its rapid product upgrading and innovation pace

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2010, founder airwheel left China to build up a dedicated R & D team for electric wheelbarrow.
In November 2011, their team is the first demonstration unit, spent a year time optimization.
March 2013, Mr. Li Lun first injection from an authorized investment airwheel airwheel, also introduced the "elite city plan," and began to produce its first intelligent transportation products - Mars.
In 4 airwheel 2013, Changzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.
In 4 airwheel 2013, the first generation of products, the introduction airwheel X3.
In 4 airwheel 2013, opened the first shop in Taobao.
In 42013, Mr. CEO left China began to establish sales channels and networks.
4 ~ 2013, airwheel distribution network covering three major cities in China: Guangzhou, Hangzhou.
In July, 2013, airwheel signed an exclusive distributor in the capital city of Beijing.
In July, 2013, airwheel production capacity of 6,000 units per month, monthly sales soared to about 3000.
In August 2013, set up shop in airwheel second.
In November 2013, set up shop in third airwheel
From May 2013, launched the following products airwheel: airwheel X5, X6 and airwheel airwheel Q3.
From April 1 airwheel 2014, sales totaled 80,000, with a total turnover of $ 20 million and a 70% market share.
The first in August 2014, its two hundredth airwheel formal grand opening stores.
In 4 airwheel 2014, achieve sales targets in China and 4000 units of 10,000 units per month in the overseas market.
Authorized investment, investment and Dragon Road for airwheel elite program has injected funds.
Today airwheel rovers have been sold, including the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Brazil and more than 20 countries, and so on.
airwheel will resume its rapid pace of innovation and product upgrades. airwheel next generation of products will be safe driving, off-road, music players, communication and remote control functions.
As a business through the "Dragon Changzhou municipal government" elite program introduction, airwheel technical plans annual production of 100,000, an annual turnover of $ 30 million and more groundbreaking product development.
Two electric scooters
airwheel will launch its third product line: User Experience two electric scooters, electric cars and not more than 50kg weight.
Electric manned aircraft
airwheel core R & D team in 2013 and began to develop electric manned aircraft has invested more than 500,000 US dollars to the program. Aircraft design is collapsible compact (4m diameter), and 500 liters one hundred meters altitude. Estimated production plan in the second half of 2015, cost control, not to exceed $ 20,000.

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