Airwheel H3S

Airwheel H3S power wheelchair is featured by automatic folding system and App remote control

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Verkauf:€ 2999.00

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One F3(one pack of filters included)

Batteriekapazität: 524Wh
Menge: +-

Belgium delivery within the European Union(EU)

Belgien Lieferung innerhalb der Europäischen Union (EU)

*If you cannot find your country here or more filters needed, pls contact Andy(

*Voraussichtlich 3 Werktage nach Bestätigung der Zahlung

€ 2999.00


Mark Thuilliez
I like the auto-folding design, save a lot strength indeed.
Joe Granata
my child brought this power wheel last month, I didn't expect any long distance of it, but it surprised me, it can at least travel 20 miles at one full charge.
Alvin Mendoza
this is the best price you can have on the market, after I notice it has a 530watt*hour battery.