Enhance the journey experience with Airwheel SE3S luggage

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Travel is a good choice to release stress and open your eyes. When planning a trip, we tend to do a series of homework on the destination, route and food, but after completing these plans, don't forget to find a good partner for the trip. Airwheel SE3S luggage maximizes safety and revolutionary convenience with its unique design. It is created to upgrade the journey experience.
It is a choice of technological luggage that can bring joy and relaxation to the journey. It is equipped with powerful motor wheels that enable riding. During the journey, users can ride it and move at a speed of 13 km/h. It can easily walk in various occasions such as airports and stations. Airwheel SE3S electric rideable luggage is designed with electric telescopic structure, which is automatically retracted by the telescopic pusher motor. Just press the telescopic switch.
 Airwheel SE3S electric rideable scooter luggage
In terms of control, Airwheel SE3S electric rideable scooter luggage is equipped with an intelligent handle that integrates functions such as acceleration, deceleration and reversal. It can be easily used for riding without learning difficulty. The intelligent handle is designed with two handles on the left and right. The right handle controls acceleration and the left handle controls braking. At the same time, it can be used for reversing operation, and the direction depends on turning the smart handle to control riding flexibly.
In addition to riding, traction and carrying people are also necessary. the traction bar of Airwheel SE3S riding luggage is equipped with a hidden integrated telescopic alloy bar. There are multiple gears for flexible selection and comfortable traction feel; the top is designed with comfortable elastic handle and the luggage weighs 9.4 kg, which can be easily picked up.
To facilitate the journey, a USB charging port is also designed on the outside of the luggage, which can charge cell phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices to solve the charging problem during the journey.

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