Safe travel solution for people with limited mobility: Airwheel H3M four-wheeled electric scooter.

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Abstract: Airwheel H3M 4-wheel electric scooter with seat for adults empowers you to move and travel independently, while giving you the confidence that comes with a great-looking essential vehicle.


Peace of Mind
The foremost focus during the design process was providing the senior citizens that use the vehicle with peace of mind. For the controller, there is speed regulator and battery indicator in the middle, headlight swithch, forward lever in the left and horn button and back lever in the right. With E-ABS electromagnetic brake system, H3M smart electric scooter will protect the elderly every time they go out. Also, it’s built in horn and whistleto remind people or cars in front and behind. The horn can be sounded at any time to warn of passing vehicles.



The H3M 4 wheel scooter has a top speed of 6km/h and a heavy-duty steel front bumper adds safety. 24 Volt batteries provide a 35km drive range to get you where you need to go.  Airwheel H3M is free access to elevators, markets, parks. The ergonomic seat can be adjusted as you like, comfortable and breathable cushion making long-term sitting is not tired. It’s front and rear thickened anti-collision bars can reduce the impact force, and the anti-rolling wheels can prevent the vehicle from falling backwards when going up and down.Moreover, H3M is equipped with 8 inch explosion-proof thick solid tires, making it safer to ride.


The H3M mobility scooter upgraded frame is made of iron-carbon alloy in one piece, which is durable and high in safety (up to load-bearing). There is a detachable widened shopping basket and the vegetable basket can be disassembled separately to facilitate the daily shopping needs of the elderly. Even though it can be powered by lithium battery, the manual mode is also available, by pressing one button to change manual/electric dual mode.


The Airwheel H3M electric scooter for senior citizens allows elderly individuals that were reluctant to go out because of their inability to walk to dramatically expand their range of activity. This is why many people have high expectations for this unit in light of the graying of society.

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