Four reasons to like Airwheel Z3T foldable electric scooter

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Abstract: What makes Airwheel Z3T popular? The editor has summarized four reasons-compact, foldable, comfortable and stylish.



Airwheel Z3T urban electric scooter installs 10 inches wheels with slim body, making it isn’t affected by traffic jams, and it can also pass through any alley in the city. Moreover, the folded Z3T is also very portable and can be carried on buses, subways, or put in the trunk of a car to make up for the lack of flexibility in large-scale travel equipment. With the item weight of 14kg, there is no pressure to carry it.


·Easy to fold

Airwheel Z3T smart electric scooter is super easy to be folded or unfolded. It only needs to fold the support bars, the main frame, and the pedals in sequence, and the folding joints are moderately tight, and no extra force is required. At the same time, the Z3T also takes into account the state of the entire body after folding. A hook is designed on the top of the support bar. After folding, it can just hook the groove at the rear of the car to ensure that the body is stable and not loose, so that it is easier to carry.

Airwheel Z3T portable electric scooter

·Trendy and fashionable

Airwheel Z3T foldable motorized scooter’s lines are very clean and simple, and the main body is painted in black or white.  In addition, it is powered by electric energy, which is very low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It is a great choice for green travel.


·Effort-saving and comfortable

As a short-distance travel equipment, the Airwheel Z3T portable electric scooter has a high riding speed of 35km/h. It can adapt to most urban road conditions and save cyclists from walking. The height of its handlebar is also adjustable, which can freely adjust to the different heights of different riders, so that the comfort of riding is improved. In addition, Z3T is also equipped with high-intensity headlights and brake taillights. When traveling at night, there is no need to worry about the road being too dark and difficult to see obstacles, or the small model will be ignored by other passers-by and cause collisions. It is safe and reliable.

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