Get Rid of Daily Traffic with Airwheel R5+ Foldable Electric Assist Bikeic assist bike


Abstract: With a focus on high-quality, high-performance and style, Airwheel R5+  foldable electirc assisted bike effectively address a range of real-life needs.


For daily urban travel, the compact Airwheel R5+ e bike with multiple gears is very suitable for traveling on roads with a lot of traffic or limited space. The two-wheeled 14-wheel and slender frame can bring users more flexible travel experience. Moreover, compared with traditional bicycles, it is equipped with high-performance in-wheel motors, making riding labor-saving. Considering that many users are not only pursuing labor-saving riding, Airwheel R5+ smart motorcycle retains the chain transmission structure of traditional bicycle products, so it can also experience the pleasure of riding through pedaling. Not only that, it also has a third riding mode: manpower + electric power assist mode. It is equipped with an intelligent induction system that can automatically sense the pedaling force of both feet, and output appropriate electric assistance for users to experience a more natural assisted ride.


Airwheel R5+ electric-assisted bicycle not only gives users more freedom of choice in the riding mode, but it is also very convenient in daily use. Its main frame, pedals, seat, support bar, etc. can be folded. After folding, the volume of the whole body is only 710mm×380mm×700mm, which can be easily put into the trunk of the car or taken to the bus, subway, etc. This means that when you ride R5+ out, when you encounter emergencies and urgently need to change your travel mode, it will not become a burden on you at all, and it will allow you to plan your travel routes more flexibly and efficiently.


Displays and controllers are what you use to see and adjust your e-bike’s settings. They make it simple and easy to change your level of assist, see your speed and distance, and check how much battery power you have left.


As a city model, the Airwheel R5+ foldable electirc assisted bike is not only well-suited for users’ daily travel, but is also favored by many travel enthusiasts. Would you like to have a try?

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