Wheelchair Travel Must Choose Airwheel H3PC Electric Automatic Folding Wheelchair

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Abstract: Constructed out of lightweight aluminum, Airwheel H3PC safely supports up to 120kg. For customization, Airwheel H3PC features automatic fold/unfold, remote control and adjsutabel handlebar joystick etc. Folding in seconds, this power wheelchair is ideal for all sorts of travel and outings.

Electric Automatic Folding Wheelchair

Airwheel H3PC portable folding electric wheelchair is the perfect solution for versatile user mobility and accommodation for an active lifestyle. The unique wheelchair frame design folds down effortlessly in just seconds to enable convenient storage and transport in your car, closet, trunk, or even an airplane.

Airwheel H3PC powered wheelchair is equipped with strong motors that can easily run continuously for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. The motor is long-lasting and reliable as well as being easier to maintain. The versatile joystick enables easy wheelchair steering and operation to be easily mountable to accommodate either right or left-handed users.

Airwheel H3PC medical equipment has realized three remote control modes to choose from. You can use the Bluetooth remote control equipped with the wheelchair, or the mobile phone APP, WeChat Mini program, remote control wheelchair movement, horn warning, one-key folding, etc, which is convenient enough to meet the needs of daily situations. In addition, through the APP or small program, the fault self-check function can also be used to perform simple detection when traveling to avoid the danger caused by the failure.

Electric Automatic Folding Wheelchair

Additionally, the reliable electromagnetic brakes automatically engage when the joystick is removed for improved security. It can brake efficiently when the control lever is released by the hand, and can park steadily on a slope of about 6° even on a slope. On the road, it is safe not to slip backward, which greatly improves the safety of riding. Plus, the rear is designed with multifunctional anti-roll wheels, which can prevent Airwheel H3PC electric mobility scooter from tipping when going uphill and downhill, and it can also be used as a support angle when the body is folded. There is night light under the handlebar, which can clearly illuminate the road conditions in low-light environments to avoid collisions with obstacles. When riding and reversing, the wheelchair will automatically beep to warn people around.


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