Airwheel H3T Wheelchair: A free travel experience for people with limited legs


 For the elderly and disabled with limited legs, wheelchairs are an important piece of travel equipment. Along with the continuous improvement of technology, wheelchairs have become more and more diversified to meet the basic travel, but also to bring a better experience.

  Among them, intelligent wheelchairs are a new choice of technology wheelchairs that have received a lot of attention in recent years, and they are not just in the laboratory or small amount of customization stage.

  Compared with ordinary wheelchairs, it has many breakthroughs and can bring a freer travel experience to people with limited legs.

  6km/h super energy-saving ride

  In order to make walking easier and more energy-saving, Airwheel H3T intelligent wheelchair firstly realizes electric power drive, so that users with limited legs can easily walk at a riding speed of 6km/h with the help of electric power. The wheelchair is equipped with intelligent dual motors with strong power, so there is no difficulty in going up and over obstacles, and with 12.5-inch inflatable rear wheels, the climbing angle is greater than 6° and the standing angle is up to 9°. And the front wheels are 8-inch universal wheels, so it can move flexibly even in narrow space, without feeling cramped and difficult to move.
Airwheel H3T Wheelchair

  -Zero difficulty in getting started

  Considering the difficulty of users to get started, Airwheel H3T intelligent smart wheelchair does not use complex combination of function keys, but is designed with an intelligent control handle of "what you need to order", which clearly lists all kinds of function keys, so that even the elderly can easily get started when using it for the first time, which is more ergonomic, simple and convenient to interact with.

  At the same time, the intelligent control handle is also extremely thoughtful with a detachable design and supports left and right interchangeability, which can meet the needs of users with different hand habits.

Airwheel H3T Wheelchair
  -Electric folding skeleton

  "Foldable" is one of the demand points for many users when purchasing a wheelchair. Meeting this article not only facilitates daily home storage, but also expands the radius of wheelchair travel and can be used to connect to buses, cars, flights and other types of transportation. While the Airwheel H3T intelligent wheelchair is foldable, it also adopts an electric structure as the folding joint, so when it needs to be folded or unfolded, it is convenient to wait for the body to finish folding or unfolding by itself without manual operation with just one button.

Airwheel H3T Wheelchair

  -8m barrier-free remote control

  Usually, even if you have a wheelchair, you still need the help of relatives and friends around you, such as picking up and placing the wheelchair, folding the wheelchair, etc. But Airwheel H3T intelligent wheelchair can do all these problems by the user's own power. It has developed an intelligent remote control function, which allows users to use the wheelchair more autonomously without the help of others and enhance the freedom of daily travel through one of the three options of installation-free applet, intelligent APP, or Bluetooth remote control handle, which can remotely control wheelchair movement, folding/unfolding, and lighting the headlights within an 8-meter barrier-free distance, all native operations can be realized through remote control.

Airwheel H3T Wheelchair

  -Safety with full details

  Safety is the core criterion for assessing whether a wheelchair is worth buying. In order to fully enhance the safety factor of Airwheel H3T intelligent wheelchair, it adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, which is different from ordinary wheelchairs, and only needs to leave the intelligent control handle, the vehicle will instantly sense the efficient braking, and it can stay in place even on a slope. The front of the intelligent control handle is equipped with LED lighting, which can clearly illuminate the road at night and help avoid obstacles in a dark environment; the rear side of the vehicle is also designed with anti-tip wheels, which can effectively prevent the wheelchair from tipping when going up and down slopes and backing up.

  At present, the foreign version of Airwheel H3T intelligent electric wheelchair has been included in the medical insurance of Italy and Poland, so it can be said that both the function and safety are very secure. It is believed that with the integration and application of various technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer technology and sensor technology, it will be able to accompany the lives of the elderly and the disabled, allowing them to enjoy a more convenient and quality daily life without travel restrictions.

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