This will make your ride with Airwheel auto folding power chair more comfortable--specially designed headrest

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Abstract: In order to help more people and let them enjoy travel more freely, Airwheek has launched smart wheelchair. Different from traditional wheelchairs, this wheelchair applies various cutting-edge technologies to achieve a more free travel experience for special groups. But today, we are not focusing on the wheelchair, but a specially designed headrest for it.

The increase of age has brought about the problem of travel difficulty that many elderly people will encounter, and it has also made them sacrifice various equipment to facilitate their travel and enrich their lives. Among them, the Airwheel intelligent wheelchair is a popular choice in recent years. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, it can better meet the travel needs of the elderly. We’ve mentioned many features of the power chairs, like the automatic folding/unfolding function, remote control and other thoughtful designs. Tday, we are not focusing on the wheelchair, but a specially designed headrest for it.

Airwheel wheelchair headrest

The universal folding headrest is designed to fit Airwheel smart wheelchairs and it folds with the wheelchair so it does not need to be removed. It features a great deal of adjustability, including height and depth adjustments for maximum comfort. It’s padded headrest has a breathable surface texture allowing maximized comfort and durability.

Airwheel wheelchair headrest

Airwheel new wheelchair folding headrest is perfect for all wheelchair users who are looking for added comfort at an economical price. The aluminum frame allows strength and lightness not found in other steel hardware for standard headrests. Finding a balance for comfort and a well positioned support for your daily aid needs is important for prolonged usage in a wheelchair. Here are some features that you cannot resist.

Airwheel wheelchair headrest

Electric Wheelchair Headrests

Airwheel Smart electric wheelchair headrests provide support of the head and neck if you are using tilt-in-space wheelchairs or need additional support to hold your head upright.

Airwheel wheelchair headrest

Reversible Design

The curved design fits better with the head, and can be flipped freely at 45°, giving you a more comfortable experience


Airwheel wheelchair headrest

Free lift

Featuring a large range of adjustability through easy-to-use levers, the headrest hardware allows for precise fitting to user requirements.

High-end breathable mesh + density sponge Airwheel headrest

High-grade breathable mesh fabric, breathable and moisture-absorbing; density sponge lining, comfortable neck support

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