Airwheel SR5 autonomous auto-following suitcase frees your hands and makes traveling more enjoyable

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Airwheel SR5 carry-on size robotic suitcase that stays with you at all times. With high-tech features like autonomous travel and obstacle avoidance, this luggage frees your hands and makes traveling more enjoyable.

Airwheel SR5 follow suitcase


Trying to navigate through busy airports while wheeling around luggage can be tricky at times, but Airwheel is looking to change that with its new luggage Airwheel SR5. It’s is equipped with UWB high-precision positioning module, and a special smart bracelet for users. Just turn on the follow mode, we will let the SR5 steadily follow us. The following speed is between 2km/h and 6km/h, which is the same as the regular walking speed. The following speed will be flexibly adjusted according to the real-time distance. SR5 also set a safe distance-3 meter, once more than this distance, the smart bracelet will immediately vibrate to alert, and we can be timely check it in time.

Airwheel SR5 follow suitcase


In addition to obstacles, there are many passers-by, vehicles. In order to avoid collisions and be able to respond to unexpected situations at any time, Airwheel SR5 robotic luggage is equipped with ultrasonic, infrared and other sensor modules, and will follow the process of real-time monitoring of obstacles around the path to achieve flexible obstacle avoidance. We can walk in front without worries.

With the popularity of smart technology equipment, we count all kinds of electronic devices around us. How to charge them during travel, especially cell phone?. In order to solve this problem, Airwheel SR5 carry-on robotic suitcase has designed with USB charging port. It can always turn into a mobile charging station, making the journey charging simple and convenient.


Airwheel SR5 follow suitcase


Because the Airwheel SR5 smart follow suitcase is not a traditional luggage, so in order to ensure a smooth flight trip, the details of the design in all areas are fully considered and solved. It is not only the volume of the box body in line with the international 20-inch boarding box standard specifications, but also the use of modular battery design. Before boarding the plane through security, just quickly open the side opening lid, take out the battery from the battery storage bag, and disconnect (the operation process does not require of any tools), then we can smoothly pass the security check.

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