Airwheel SE3S mini scooter suitcase would be a great helper for your business travel.

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Abstract: Say goodbye to lugging or rolling around heavy suitcases through the airport. When it comes to ride on luggage, the future is now.

Airwheel SE3S Scooter suitcase


During the journey, whether it is the airport or high-speed railway station, or transfer, we need to walk through and drag luggage. The Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is equipped with a strong motor wheel to achieve the "riding" function, which can help users to walk, thus sweeping away the fatigue of the journey. And, it can ride at a speed of 13km/h, faster than walking, travel efficiency will also be greatly enhanced, leaving enough time and energy to ensure that the work in a better state to deal with. It’s easy to operate, with the handle’s right side to control the acceleration, the left side to control the brake.

At the same time, in order to effectively support the strength, Airwheel SE3S is also reinforced with a patented aluminum frame, high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, with the load up to 110kg.


Airwheel SE3S Scooter suitcase


In order to keep in touch at all times while traveling, it is especially important to pay attention to the mobile battery level. Airwheel SE3S ride-on suitcase has two USB charging ports outside, so we can charge  phone at any time on the road.

Airwheel SE3S Scooter suitcase


Airwheel SE3S motorized suitcases are typically designed to be carry-on bags. You're not going to check this bag in, you get it to ride the bag to the gate. Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase, although driven by lithium batteries, but it was fully considered before the launch of mass production, the boarding problem. It is not only the lithium battery capacity control within 74WH, but also special modular design, and can be directly disassembled, no tools, such as the need to board the plane through security, just quickly disassemble the battery, you can pass unhindered.

The volume of the luggage body is also in line with the international standard specification for 20-inch boarding suitcases, so it can be directly boarded with the line, no need to check in.

If you are are frequent traveler,  you might need a carry-on suitcase that you could ride through the airport. Choose Airwheel SE3S as your partner, and you will be able to make their work twice as successful.

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