Airwheel Video Footage

  • Source:Aus Airwheel

We encourage Airwheel fans to share their  video footage on riding airwheels. Please contact us if you are interested in posting your videos on our website.

So all you Airwheelers out there, send us your footage and if we like it and use it, we'll give you a 10% discount for your next purchase with us.

The footage can be anything to do with you and your Airwheel. It can be a video of you riding your airwheel (well or poorly), it can be learning footage or tips and tricks on your Airwheel. It can be fun things you can do on an Airhweel, it can be footage of you simply riding around in circles or riding down the street. It can be footage of you riding it to work, or running errands in the city. It can be footage of you falling off, it can be footage of an Airwheel race, or it can be footage of you simply unboxing an Airwheel. Pretty much anything, but make sure it's clean and footage of a genuine Airwheel.

To qualify for the 10% discount, we reserve the right to accept or not accept your footage at our descretion. Also, by sending us your footage, you automatically authorise us to use it on our website. The footage needs to be of Airwheels, not Solowheels, IPS, rockways or knockoffs.

To take advantage of this offer, simply send your video to or send Youtube web link to us. Please keep it under 10 mins or so and if greater that 10MB in size it might be too big for email.

We are as much excited as you are with Airwheels and we'd love to see and share your experience with it. Have fun!

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