Electric unicycle X5-music music flying all the way

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  Airwheel X5-music electric wheelbarrow, is a music player that comes with a personal means of transport by Airwheel intelligent technology introduced. Human beings are more love music? It would have from a human emotion talking about how much real life. This form of art music, whether vocal or instrumental music, whether it is classical music, pop music, or folk music, country music, will give rise to the enjoyment of hearing, giving delightful musical experience. Aier Wei Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music Music Edition is specially launched for this reason.

  Electric wheelbarrow, wheelbarrow, unicycle electric cars

  Before Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music was born, people have a variety of methods to carry the music. Let the music accompanying the way, from the initial SONY Sony WALKMAN, CD machine, and later the MP3, then now the phone, IPAD, etc., can allow people to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Now, with Ai Erwei Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music, at the same time meet the travel needs of hearing, do both.

  Aier Wei Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music should be a function of the largest personal means of transport. It has the appearance of a wheel, very futuristic, if the product does not belong to this era. It's riding style also illustrates this point: there is no tradition of transport necessary handles, brakes, seats and other components, replaced by a simple wheel and a shell. Of course, the structural design Aier Wei Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music's more than that simple, but it is undeniable: it is a build-up of high-tech and simple type of product, with a compact appearance to achieve the powerful.

  Electric wheelbarrow, wheelbarrow, unicycle electric cars

  Ai Erwei Airwheel unicycle originally developed electric vehicles this product, in order to solve the problem of long-term travelers living in the city, suffered from traffic jams of the people. In fact, since the product launch, its function is indeed travel unanimously endorsed by the consumers. In addition to the travel function, Ai Erwei Airwheel electric wheelbarrow X5-music is due to the use of clean energy - electricity (imported SONY lithium-ion batteries), so to solve the air pollution in the city also have some improvement.

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