CNC Aluminium LED Pedal Light

Cool Safe help for night ride


Airwheel LED light made of light Aluminium
CNC integration modeling sturdy and durable

20 Meters Of Light Range

Guarantee safe ride

Product Installation Instructions

Airwheel pursues better in every procedure and detail

Thickened rubber switch

Removable battery case switch cap

Replacable battery box

Anti-slip rubber ring

Rear shim

Adjustable axis screw

1、Remove the switch cap

2、Loosen the screw to parallel with the shim

3、Push the shim to take the battery case out

4、Remove the battery

5、Put in new battery

6、Tighten the screw

7、Put the battery case into light tank

8、Push it into the second hole on the pedal

LED Light Bead

Life span of 100 thousand hours
Light on or flashing for night ride

Parameter Specification

Name CNC Aluminium LED pedal light Installation position The second position of electric unicycle
Size 4cm*1.5cm Weight 0.02kg*2
Material CNC Aluminium craft+ Self expanding and shrinking elastic rubber+patch LED 3*AG13 button batteries