Airwheel Z8
Design Function Parameter
  • 6.5


    Item weight

  • 75


    Maximum load

  • 10


    Maximum speed

  • 100


    Charging time

Minimalism folding aesthetics

Multiple folding systems bring portability and convenience. Foldable electric scooter is easy to fold by lifting and pulling with the innovative foldable handle design.

Easy to fold and unfold

It can be easily carried into car trunk, bus and metro etc.

brake-APO(Automatic Power Off) design

EBS(electronic brake system) guarantees rider’s safety in emergency with one key technical brake. Security is to race against time.

  • Branded Li-ion battery cell

    Branded Li-ion battery guarantees sufficient power supply. Protected by 8 circuit protections, it is more efficient and safer.

  • 81.4wh

    Battery capacity

  • 100min

    Charging time

  • 6-FOLD DEFENSE Comprehensive protection

    The battery safeguarded by eight protection systems can effectively avoid the battery over-discharge, over-charging. The use of active protection technology that can intelligently and timely detect input and output current will prevent the motherboard and battery damage when the abnormal short-circuit happens. When the current exceeds the upper limit, it will close the input to protect the battery. The added thermistor and temperature control mechanism ensures that the lithium battery in a safe temperature range.

  • Battery equalization

  • Overvoltage protection

  • Overcharge protection

  • Over discharge protection

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Temperature protection

  • Anti-counter-flow protection

High Performance Hub Motor

150W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.

Dual shock mitigation system

Dual shock mitigation system ensures a comfortable operation and a smooth ride on bumpy or rough roads.

APP intelligent system

App fault self-diagnosis Guarantee your safety before travelling Share your moods;
more closely interact with the others and pass happiness.

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