Airwheel electric monocycle is creating a new type of future commute

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Some commuters may spend a lot of time on waiting for the bus or metro. But when the bus or metro arrives, the bus or metro is typically so formidably crowded that passengers must make efforts to elbow their way to embark on the cramped bus or metro. Maybe these people are quite jealous of those who drive to work without bearing the cramped bus or metro. Fortunately, the fact is the opposite. Those who drive to work have their own concern.

Airwheel,2-wheeled electric scooter,one wheel electric scooter


In the rush hour, the traffic congestion is rather common, which usually held those up. They are supposed to either get up earlier at the expense of sleeping time so as not to be late for work, or waste a lot of time on the road at the risk of being late. When they get off work, the concern repeatedly arises. The concern about commute seems to beset almost all commuters, if we put aside few who live near the workplace and walk to work every day. To our relief, the self-balance unicycle by Airwheel come out to relieve such concern.

Airwheel's electric monocycle is so compact that one can carry one of electric unicycle with one hand. The size of the one wheel scooter is less than 14 inch, unlike that of the bicycle. If living near your workplace, you could directly ride on the electric unicycle or scooter to commute. If the workplace is far away from your dwelling place, you could alternate the electric unicycle or scooter with the bus or metro.

Airwheel, 2-wheeled electric scooter,one wheel electric scooter


The smart size of the electric unicycle or scooter makes sure you can carry them onto the bus or the metro. On the contrary, the bicycle does not have the privilege. The electric unicycle or scooter by Airwheel is powered by a potent battery and is able to run 20 to 60 km. So users need not to worry about power scarcity halfway.
From the eco-friendly perspective, the 2-wheeled electric scooter by Airwheel is also promising in the market. It is thanks to its green lithium battery core. When operating, it produces no emission. Therefore, it is a green innovation as well as a breakthrough of commuting vehicle. It is perceptibly creating a new type of future commute.

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