Airwheel H3T power wheelchair itself will prove it is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

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Abstract:There is only one month left in 2019. The Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. Have you began to select the gift? Try the Airwheel H3T lightweight motorized wheelchair for your aging parents.

The following will prove Airwheel H3T electric Wheelchair is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Airwheel H3T electric Wheelchair

1. A wide range of users: Compared to traditional wheelchairs, the power of Airwheel H3T folding wheelchair is not only suitable for elderly and frail elderly, but it is also suitable for the mass. Smoothness, long-lasting power, and adjustable speed are all unique advantages of H3T.

2.Convenience: The traditional hand-pushing wheelchair must rely on manpower to push and pull forward. If there is no one to take care of it, you have to push the roller by yourself. The Airwheel H3T smart wheelchair, unlike traditional wheelchairs, is equipped with a powerful motor system that can be flexibly driven by electric energy at speeds up to 6km/h. As long as it is fully charged, you can easily operate without the need of others. The H3T is powered by electricity and can be recharged which is more environmentally friendly.

Airwheel H3T power wheelchair

3.Easy operation: It is super easy to use with three different ways to choose. In addition to the smart joystick that can be interchanged on the pole, it is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control and a smart app developed for the mobile phone. H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair can be used to remotely control it to switch, turn on the lights, fold/expand, move, etc.. It can be flexibly selected according to actual needs in different situations.

Airwheel H3T Portable mobility wheelchair

4.Safety guaranteed: The production technology of electric wheelchairs is becoming more and more mature, and the brake equipment on the body can be mass-produced after being tested by professionals. H3T power chair is equipped with an EABS electromagnetic brake that instantly responds to the brakes when the hand holding the intelligent controller is released, ensuring safe riding.

5.Freedom enhanced: With H3T smart wheelchair, you can consider doing your own daily activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, ventilation, etc. One person + one electric wheelchair can basically do it.

Airwheel H3T Portable mobility wheelchair

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