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Under the impact of the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, the global supply chain is in crisis and there is a continuous shortage of many commodities. Stores selling Christmas merchandise are swarming with people, and many customers are snapping up Christmas gifts early.

Our protagonist is Mei Mei, a senior white-collar worker from a technology company in Shanghai, who has been preparing to buy Christmas gifts for her family since before Easter. Mei Mei said, “Fortunately, I placed my order earlier, because several products are out of stock and will not be available until April next year, so I won’t panic if I buy gifts for my family and friends earlier.”

Let’s take a look at what Mei Mei, a young and fashionable white-collar worker, has prepared for her family for Christmas.

1. Airwheel SE3 cycling luggage 


Meimei said this luggage is specially bought for her husband, Meimei’s husband often has to go on business trips to bring this luggage easily in and out of the airport, making the whole trip more relaxed.

2.Airwheel SE3mini intelligent suitcase
Airwheel SE3Mini Sliver

SE3mini is Mei Mei bought for herself, Mei Mei work place from the nearest subway station need to walk five minutes, she said she has long wanted to buy a folding electric bike until she saw colleagues bought this SE3mini, a small suitcase carries a large capacity, easy to cope with the rush to work.

3. Airwheel SQ3 children’s cycling suitcase


This is a gift of buying 2 Airwheel luggage, just for my son, this big toy children will love.

4.Airwheel H3T automatic folding electric wheelchair

Mei Mei’s mother-in-law had a stroke some years ago and her legs are not very good, so it is not safe to ride an electric bike to the grocery store every day. When I saw a wheelchair in Airwheel, I decided to choose the brand airwheel.

5.Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet
smart safety helmet

Mei Mei’s father-in-law is a very cheerful and sporty little old man, he likes fishing and cycling, and is said to be a member of the Shanghai senior cycling team, when wearing the C5 helmet to protect the safety and also record the wonderful moments on the cycling road, record the moment when the big fish is transferred out, the little old man will love this gift.

6. Airwheel F3 electric fresh air breathing mask
Airwheel F3 Electric Mask

Mei Mei said the official gift of 5 Airwheel F3 electric fresh air breathing masks, the new crown epidemic has not completely passed, this mask is really useful to prevent the virus from entering the nasal cavity at the same time can keep the air inside the mask fresh, wear glasses will not fog, the purchase of Airwheel products free gift is too thoughtful.

I asked Maymei how she chose Airwheel for her Christmas gift. Mei Mei said that the first time she knew about this brand was when she saw her colleague using Airwheel’s cycling luggage to go to and from work, and she took her Airwheel luggage with her on business trips, which made her feel particularly relaxed and cool.

Later, I learned that this is still an international brand, and the product line is very rich, and there is even a helicopter. Then this time to buy a Christmas gift is also want to buy a luggage their own commute to work, and then by the way the family Christmas gifts together with the purchase.

I heard here I feel in my heart, the world of the tycoon we really do not understand. Then read this friend whether you have already prepared Christmas gifts for the family?

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