Ride or walk? It’s not a question with Airwheel SE3miniT scooter luggage(Chapeter 2)

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Abstract: In Chapter 1, Airwheel editor has introduced the riding function, frame material of the SE3miniT scooter luggage. Today, the other features will be described.

In addition to riding, Airwheel SE3miniT carry-on smart luggage can also be transformed into a mobile charging station to solve the difficult charging problem during the journey. It is designed with two sets of USB charging ports on the outside of the box, which can be directly connected to the charging cable to charge two sets of electronic devices at the same time, so that mobile phones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets will not be unusable due to low power, which is very convenient, especially during jorney.

Airwheel SE3MiniT scooter luggage

Taking a flight is one of the mainstream transportation options in the current journey. Therefore, many will give priority to whether they can pass the security check and board the plane when purchasing luggage. The body volume of Airwheel SE3miniT robotics suitcase is 385×250×575mm, which conforms to the international standard of 20-inch boarding case. The built-in battery has a capacity of 73.26Wh, which meets the traffic regulations of major airlines. At the same time, it also adopts an external detachable design, which can be quickly taken out before security inspection for smooth passage. The box lock also adopts the TSA customs code lock, avoiding the violent opening of customs.

Airwheel SE3Mini smart luggage

Regarding storage, the internal space of the Airwheel SE3miniT motorized rideable luggage can reach 26L, which can meet the storage needs of the journey within a week. In addition, it has a reasonable partition design, and plans to have storage bags of different sizes, which can be used for the storage of documents, notebooks, power banks and other trivial items, so that it is convenient to take and place without rummaging. The cover also adopts a side-opening design, and the opening and closing angle can be adjusted through Velcro and accordion pleats, so that the luggage can be half-opened at 45° in addition to 90° fully open to meet the needs of temporary luggage storage and protect privacy.

Airwheel SE3Mini smart luggage

It can be said that Airwheel SE3miniT is a robotics suitcase product that can fully meet the travel expectations and enhance the travel experience. With it, you will no longer have to worry about the exhaustion during the journey.

Airwheel SE3MiniT electric suitcase

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