Check out the 5 features of Airwheel SL3C smart luggage and choose it for your next travel

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Abstract: If you ask what kind of suitcase is full of style? Naturally, it is the Airwheel SL3D light and intelligent suitcase.

Airwheel SL3 smart suitcase

·Colorful design

Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase not only has five colors of Nebula White, Fire Rock Black, Glacier Blue, Brushed Silver, Desert Rose Powder, but also has colorful atmosphere lights and Ranger lights. There are a variety of options, and can be adjusted freely according to the user's own preferences and needs. Just download the smart APP specially developed for Airwheel SL3C light smart luggage, install it on the mobile phone, you can adjust up to 8 lighting colors, 3 lighting effects, flexible combinations, and dozens of color schemes can be set , used to match the environment, the clothes you wear, the current mood, etc., are completely stress-free.

·Intelligent unlocking

Airwheel SL3 suitcase

To unlock the traditional luggage, you need to bend down and turn the wheel to the correct number to open the luggage normally. It seems simple, but it is not convenient enough. If the password is forgotten because it is not used for a long time, it will cause even more trouble. Airwheel SL3C smart luggage realizes intelligent unlocking function, and supports two unlocking modes of NFC and Bluetooth.

NFC unlocking, as long as you use your mobile phone to touch the NFC sensing area on the box, you can unlock it instantly, and the technology is cool.

Airwheel SL3 smart suitcase

With Bluetooth unlocking, it can be easily unlocked from a long distance through the mobile phone APP within a range of 20 meters, with one-key response, which is convenient and fast.

Airwheel SL3 suitcase

·Intelligent search

In the face of many suitcases, even though the Airwheel SL3D colorful smart luggage has a particularly eye-catching colorful color scheme, it cannot avoid the law of black under the lights when looking for things. In this case, as long as the intelligent search mode of the Airwheel SL3C light smart suitcase is utilized, this problem can be easily solved. Open the smart APP on the mobile phone, start the "find mode", and the box will automatically beep to remind the user to pay attention and find it in time.

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