A comprehensive review of Airwheel smart wheelchair-H3PC

  • Source:Airwheel

Abstract: Following a series of products such as balance bikes, smart motorcycles, smart suitcases, etc., Airwheel has launched the smart wheelchair H3PC, hoping to bring more freedom to more people.

Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair

As a smart wheelchair, Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair adopts the current mainstream clean electric energy, which can not only save people from the fatigue of physically driving wheelchairs, but also ensure low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel. It is designed with a powerful dual-drive system, and adopts a worm gear transmission design, which can ensure sufficient torque in a small space. The riding speed can reach 6km/h, and there are 5 gears.

Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair

When riding and moving, Airwheel H3PC smart wheelchair can be controlled by the intelligent control panel on the pole. The switch, acceleration, deceleration, lighting, horn and other function switches are clearly planned on the panel. Just press the designated button as required, and the direction is controlled by the handle, it is simple and easy to use without difficulty.


In the non-working state, it also has three remote control methods for flexible selection. It provides a smart Bluetooth, smart APP and an installation-free applet applied on WeChat, which can remotely control the power on and off, speed adjustment, folding/unfolding, etc. The distance can reach 8 meters, which greatly improves the convenience of use in various situations, allowing users to seek help from others as little as possible, and to control their own travel more independently and freely.

Airwheel H3PC folding motorized wheelchair

The folding operation also bid farewell to the "manual folding" mode of many wheelchairs. Instead, rotating structures are designed in many parts of the wheelchair frame, equipped with drive systems, power systems, intelligent control and man-machine panels. The wheelchair can be folded or unfolded automatically by one-key manipulation.


In terms of safety, Airwheel H3PC electric wheelchair will actively emit a warning sound to warn passers-by to avoid it when reversing; the EABS electromagnetic braking system used can not only efficiently react to braking, but also responds when the handle is released, avoiding the danger of misuse.


As a product with excellent quality in all aspects and considerate and practical design, it is very worthwhile for people who need it to try and make life easier.

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