Check out the 5 features of Airwheel SL3D and choose it for your next travel

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Abstract: In addition to the smart rideable suitcases and auto following luggages, Airwheel has launched another brand new suitcases to provide more color options. We designed SL3D as a carry-on suitcase that is convenient to use, has good durability, and most importantly, looks amazing.


Airwheel SL3D smart luggage

·Mobile charging

At a time when smart technology has been popularized in all aspects of life, there are naturally a lot of portable electronic products. Therefore, many people are very concerned about "no power" and "low power", which may even affect the normal progress of the journey. The Airwheel SL3C carry-on suitcase is designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the box, which can charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, etc. As long as the data cable is connected, it can be charged while walking, which is very convenient.


Airwheel SL3D smart luggage

·Worry-free boarding

For smart suitcases that need to be powered by electricity, airlines have made specifications on battery capacity and whether it can be taken out and turned off. In order to ensure that users can pass and board the plane smoothly, the battery capacity of Airwheel SL3D light smart suitcase is 8000 mAh. It adopts a modular design and is located in the hidden battery compartment under the luggage handle, which can be easily taken out with one click. , to complete the disassembly work, so it only needs to be disassembled quickly before the security inspection, and then it can pass smoothly.


Airwheel SL3D smart luggage

The size of the box body is 370×220×540mm, which strictly follows the international standard of 20-inch boarding suitcases, and can be directly carried on board without checking in. The box lock also adopts the internationally accepted TSA customs lock. When entering and leaving the customs, it can avoid violent inspections and ensure a smooth journey.


Airwheel SL3D smart luggage

This is not the end. Other features include:

Inside: Multi-layer linings. There are specialized layers for laptop, documents, and other small objects, which allows you to put your stuff in perfect order.

Handle: Sturdy handle that is smooth to the touch, It automatically retracts when not used.

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