How to enjoy a hand-free travel? (Chapter 2)

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Abstract: In chapter 1, we have discussed the first two features of Airwheel SR5, auto following function and avoidance of collision. Today we will continue to talk about the other highlights.


Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage

3. Smart remote control

The Airwheel SR5 smart luggage has an exclusive APP specially developed for it, which supports both Android and IOS systems. Downloading and installing it on the mobile phone can provide more help for the use of the Airwheel SR5 smart follower box. Log in to the APP, in addition to checking the remaining power, mileage and other basic information at any time, you can also perform simple fault detection on the luggage, and realize the intelligent remote control function - you can control the movement of the box through the mobile phone, giving the journey more interesting gameplay, Satisfy the brain hole and give full play to the personality.


Airwheel SR5 smart luggage

4. Plug and charge, worry-free power

During the journey, it is impossible to bind to the socket and move. For modern people who have long been accustomed to various electronic devices, it also means that they need to pay close attention to the power of their portable equipment, especially mobile phones. After all, it is responsible for payment, inquiry, verification, contact, etc. Multitasking in one. The Airwheel SR5 automatic following suitcase is specially designed with a USB charging port on the outside of the box. Just connect the data cable, you can charge all kinds of portable electronic devices at any time, ensuring normal use during the journey, and natural power anxiety no longer exists. A lot of unnecessary troubles will be reduced in the journey.


Airwheel SR5 following luggage

5. Modular battery design for easy boarding

Being able to carry it on board is the demand of many people for carry-on luggage. Although the Airwheel SR5 smart follower box is different from the traditional luggage, it will not affect the trafficability and can be smoothly boarded without checking in. Not only does the box body meet the international 20-inch boarding standard specification, but the battery also adopts a modular and detachable design, and its capacity meets 62.6WH. Pass without hindrance.


Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage

Airwheel SR5 smart following luggage is such a high-tech suitcase, so don't hurry up to equip it to make the journey more comfortable and more exciting.

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