What to look out for when buying a suitcase(Chapter 1)?

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Abstract: Ideally, the luggage can improve your travel experience, fitting in everything you need without becoming too heavy or difficult to manoeuvre. And of course, it should be sturdy enough so that you can trust it will protect your possessions too. Today, Airwheel will discuss what to consider when purchasing a suitcase.

Airwheel SE3S rideabled suitcase

A good smart suitcase can last years or even decades, so it’s important to choose one that will serve you well, whether you’re jetting off to a faraway destination or driving down to your favourite  seaside spot. Here are several matters to consider when buying a suitcase.


Airwheel SE3S rideabled suitcase

1. Looking for a normal or smart suitcase?

The type of luggage you’ll need depends on the way you travel. There are endless colors and styles to choose from, and also with the improvement of technology, there are smart scooter suitcases available on the market. Airwheel SE3S is such kind of smart luggage, with riding function and equipped with mobile app. It has an intelligent riding function.


Airwheel SE3S rideabled suitcase

2. Weight limit

The weight limit for checked luggage varies between airlines. Bear in mind that the lighter your suitcase when empty, the more holiday outfits you can pack. It will also be easier to lift and manoeuvre. Note that some airlines have weight restrictions in place for hand luggage, too. If you don’t want to sacrifice books, gifts and souvenirs, choose a lightweight cabin case or fly with a more relaxed airline. Airwheel SE3S smart electric luggage adopts aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, with overall reinforcement, to ensure the box withstand greater external pressure. Its load ability can reach up to 100kg.


Airwheel SE3S rideabled suitcase

3. Size

There are full-size and cabin cases. When looking for a case, consider where you will store it when in use, and how its size will impact your travel. If you’re planning to travel to the airport by car, how easily will the suitcase fit in the boot? Will it be easy to lug through crowds? What about the luggage rack on the airport bus; could you hoick it up onto the top rung? Airwheel SE3S is a kind of smart carry on luggage, which can be stored at the overhead cabinet.

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