Airwheel Smart Electric Unicycle Hands-on

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  Wiki Background Knowledge: Electric unicycle known as the latest transport tool, is powered by electricity and gyro-stabilized. As the common transport, automobile consumes huge fuel resources everyday and results in ever-serious traffic problems. Commuters today are craving for a cool transport aid to weave through traffic and embrace the fun of getting around the town. Electric unicycle is gradually transcending bicycles and e-bikes as the most popular commuting tool for it has zero emission and minimum requirement of space. The prevailing of electric unicycles is bound to start a revolution of transportation.

  To many people, electric unicycle is still something fresh subject to further understanding of its parts, operating principle and riding technique. Today let’s take a look at Airwheel Q3 and give you some handy learning tips.

  First thing first, Airwheel’s origin. Airwheel is manufactured by Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd., which is the top manufactured in this section and represents the leading concept and technology of electric unicycles.

  Check out the top control panel. You’ll find it’s concisely arranged with a metal power button, 4 LED indicators and a charge port. The charge port features with misplug-proof design and a water resistant cap. Both the power button and the charge port are made by metal with longer life expectancy.

  Every Airwheel Q3 electric unicycle comes with the following accessories: a charger, an extended pump nozzle, a training belt for starters and a user manual.

  Airwheel Q3 has a pair of foldable pedals for handy storage.

  The foldable pedals on Airwheel Q3 are made of aviation aluminum applied on airplanes, which is solid and light with 120kg (264 lbs) load capacity. Its casing is formed by strengthened engineering plastics.

  Airwheel Q3 features twin wheels, which deliver better balance and solid performance.

  Charge tires as per the instructions in the user manual and the schemas above. For Q3 340Wh, it only takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged. The powerful lithium battery in Airwheel has no memory effect, which means it can be charged and go. Hope these hands-on tips are useful.

  With energy shortage drawing increasing attention and public’s waking awareness of environment protection, it is believed that in the near future electric unicycles will be a popular transporter in the near future for various commuting purpose e.g. work, shopping and weekend leisure tours.

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