Airwheel Z8
Design Function Parameter

Arresting appearance

The arresting appearance will surely arrest your attention.

  • Light magnalium frame

    Its frame made of light and tough magnesium, making the weight cut down to 6.5kg and the load capacity rise to 75kg.

  • 6.5kg

    Item weight

  • 75kg

    Maximum load

Adjustable operating rod

Z8 is the whole families’ vehicle thanks to the adjustable operating rod design.


Like other components, its pedals are carefully selected, featuring good strength and toughness, letting riders enjoy a dependable riding experience.

3.2 inch Polyurethane wheel

Its tires are wear-proof with the unique tread patterns, enabling Z8 to negotiate on various road conditions and meanwhile to lengthen its service life.

Another safety design—3M reflect light in trail

With the 3M reflect light, riders can enjoy a worry-free riding experience at night.

Switch:simple and efficient

It has been tested over 10W times, and reacts to riders’ command immediately.

Car-level painting tech

The low temperature painting technology with over ten complicated processes makes Z8 have strong corrosion resistance and longer service life.

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