Airwheel power inverter


Airwheel power inverter

vehicle-mounted inverter

Airwheel power inverter is able to convert direct current 12V-24V provided by the vehicle into direct current 67.2V.

  • <90%

    Higher conversion rat

    With the 90%+ conversion rate, it is more energy-saving and reduces the damage to battery.

  • Stronger compatibility

    DC 12V-24V is more compatible, making travel more freely

  • Multi-protection

    Short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection and overload protection

  • Safe and energy-saving

    With better thermal conductivity, it will work at a low temperature safeguarded by multi protection system, stable and reliable.

Airwheel Simple operating steps is to bring convenience.

Simple operating steps is to bring convenience.

Airwheel power inverter is designed specifically for your travel.

Airwheel power inverter, that can be charged in the car makes Airwheel is your loyal travelling companion and enables you to free from blackout halfway.

  • max power
  • 100W

Operating steps

Easy to operate

  • Airwheel power inverter

    1. Insert the inverter in the charging port of Airwheel electric scooters.

  • Airwheel power inverter

    2. Pull out the cigar lighter of the vehicle, and insert inverter’s plug in the socket of cigar lighter.

  • Airwheel power inverter

    3. When indicator turns red, it means it is charging; when light turns green, it means it is end of charge.

Notes: Airwheel power inverter is only suitable for Z series and M series.
Airwheel Environment friendly

Environment friendly, portable and durable

Great assistant in journey

It is convenient to use by connecting the socket of car cigar lighter to realize maintenance-free.

  • continuous output
  • 85W
  • conversion rate<90%
  • input voltageDC12V-24V
  • output voltageDC67.2V
  • fuse wire10A-15A
  • loss-free<0.3A
  • continuous output85W
  • max power consumption100W

This product is only compatible with Airwheel electric scooters of 60V-68V

Its input voltage supports 12V-24V

Fuse wire of the vehicle using this inverter can bear the current between 10A and 15A; If it is under 10A, fuse wire of that vehicle will be fusing.