Branded and removable battery

20pcs of 18650 lithium battery cells, high-efficiency power supply, safe and durable.

Airwheel SE3 motorized luggage

Removable power bank specially designed for SE3

10pcs of 18650 lithium battery cells, corresponding to the safety regulations

20000mAh high Capacity

Lasting longer, and available to recharge the electronic devices for multiple times.

  • 10 iPhone7
  • 4.5 iPad mini4
Airwheel SE3 bluesmart suitcase

Compatible with most of the smartphones and tablet computers

Support all kinds of mobile devices, compatible with smartphones and tablet computers from iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei etc., and can even be used to recharge some of the digital cameras and game consoles.

Carry-on mobile station

Removable power bank, recharge your electronic USB devices whenever or wherever you need.