Terminal Customization
Cleaning Robot Airbot

Move the Airbot using your mouse!!

Visual interaction interface

There are below information in the home page: scan & registration, payment, basic information of the vehicle, Pay-per-view movie, boarding information tips etc.

Manual driving scooter at the airport

It can go all directions easily by moving the joysticks.It can move forward, go sideways or move at an oblique angle, rotate and do other combined movements.

Automatically follow

Combine the visual tracking and sensor technology: It can recognize and automatically follow the user accurately by real-time visual recognition and tracking algorithms.

Foldable with more space

The seat can be flipped up to increase the storage room and hold more items, which is more cost-effective.

A multi-sensor coordinated obstacle avoidance system

The Airbot is equipped with ultrasonic sensors, infrared probes and other sensors to identify and detect the complicated road conditions in multi-dimension, which is a big support to realize its automatically following and interaction functions.The Airbot automatically detects the traveling speed of the user and automatically adjusts the following speed. When the Airbot senses an obstacle in front of it, it will calculate the present speed and distance to the obstacle, and choose an optimal deceleration and obstacle avoidance plan.

Versatile: intelligent control

External USB charging port: You can charge anytime, anywhere;Suitable for mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices; Compact and comfortable: It is designed in accordance with ergonomics. It will brake automatically when releasing the joystick,which is super easy to go and stop.