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How does it feel like to ride an electric skateboard? At the mention of a skateboard, it’s natural to picture a hippie teenager boy playing all kinds of dazzling tricks in a skate park, however to ride a electric skateboard is quite a different thing. As the board is completely electric powered, aid of slopes or hard kick-pushing are no longer necessary to obtain speed, riders can focus on maneuvering and controlling the board, to steer and practice tricks, at a constant fast speed on almost all road conditions. It feels more like snow skiing down from a steep mountain, or surfing only on concrete land.


Airwheel believe that we love things not only for its practical use, but also for the symbolic meaning of who we are attached to it. With each part assembled in independent modular, we design Airwheel M3 in a DIY manner to allow large room for customization, from deck, wheels to even motors(only for engineer professionals), to make it completely your own by adding your personal touch to it.

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Safety comes first for all tools intended to be used on road. Despite playing an important role in keeping a consistent performance, wheels are also critical in achieving an instant brake and skid-proof riding at high speed. Airwheel M3 chooses customized tires from quality top brand, which are more wearable, more stronger in grip effect and anti-skid ability, to ensure a safe and stable riding experience.


As Airwheel M3 doesn’t have a LED display to indicate unit condition and battery level, a smart phone APP becomes vitally important for security check before each trip. Important information as current power level, temperature, speed, etc. are conveniently readable on a visualized smart phone interface, on which a record of achieved range after a journey is also available.

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The remote controller resembles a mini mouse and similar using habit: thumb sliding up or down to accelerate, or decelerate and brake, while switches on sides controlling 180 degree direction steering and power on/off. The remote controller has a 10m range, and is handy and natural to use in riding.


Playing Airwheel M3 is a full-engagement sports, focused attention of both body and mind are required to keep balance, to maneuver and do tricks. Despite it being fun and exciting, it is also a wonderful exercise to enhance mental strength as well as physical health.


The remarkable shock absorbers in pair are highlight of Airwheel M3. Made of PC material damper mass, they are sensitively responsive to bumps, and enable smooth and safe riding experience even at high speed.

The design of double circuits and double main control chips.

Now, computers have 4 cores, and mobiles have 8 cores. Whether the self-balancing electric scooter falls behind? When other factories have remained as one circuit and one chip, we have realized the "dual-core" drive and protection system. We will continue to make progress to improve products and ensure safety.

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It’s for teenagers and it’s also for adults. It’s exciting and it’s practical. It has less requirement for practice and terrain, and enables faster speed and longer range. It’s fun as a toy to do tricks, and reliable as a vehicle to do errands and go for short trips .No matter it’s a leisurely afternoon wandering, or an exciting speeding race with some crazy minds, M3 will be with you all the time, all the way.

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    Remote control with infinitely variable speeds

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    Double battery protection boards.

  • Being high elastic and shock absorption

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    Magnetic levitation motor

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