Daily commuting

Weekend travelling

Full acceleration

Different ride modes

Go to different places to see different scenery

Perception of different life

R6 smart e bike has two ride modes—pedalling mode and moped mode

The dual ride modes allow you to do exercise and to enjoy a labour-saving journey.

  • Man-powered:
  • Electricity-powered:
    • 0%


    • Bicycle mode

    • A green and great way to work out.

    • 50%


    • Moped mode

    • 11 gears available, R6 in moped mode enables riders to save energy and to do exercise.

    • 100%


    • Electrombile mode

    • Powered by electricity, R6 lets you enjoy the high speed.

Li-ion battery cell

Branded Li-ion battery guarantees sufficient power supply.

Electric Bike Kits

Ultra-small volume; Aluminum alloy material

Its folding volume is only equivalent to a suitcase, and it can be put into the car trunk.
It can be carried around in the subway, bus and office.

  • Item weight


  • Folding volume


  • Max. load


  • Max. speed


bicycles with power assist electric bike reviews 2017

    It offers great convenience with two charging ways.

    The battery is located below the saddle.

    Charge directly or remove the battery to charge

    Charge in the car (adaptor is necessary)

    Portable power bank

    Built-in USB interface is compatible with mainstream mobile phones and tablet PCs

    • 70 Times
    • 21 Times

Prevention of battery thievery

One second to lock reduces the risk of battery theft

    Lightweight aluminum alloy frame

    High-performance aluminum alloy with high strength is more lightweight. Its max. load reaches 100kg.

    Brake warning light

    A red and bright brake light in the tail will be on when you press the brake to remind the pedestrian and the vehicle at the back to keep a safe distance.