Feel the Sincerity of Airwheel's Saddle Equipped self-balancing scooter S8

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Abstract: This year, Airwheel unveiled a saddle equipped scooter S8. The vehicle with outstanding performance and exquisite designing has obtained much attention from the market.

As customers continue to engage with new and smart transportation vehicles in more ways, the next-generation vehicle, including Airwheel electric scooters are gaining an upper hand in the market. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S8, with dual-use features is trusted by more customers. From independent research and development to mass production, the vehicle finally made its debut.


Airwheel S8


S8 is a sincere product by Airwheel, which has achieved a delicate balance between safety and fun, enabling it to be more fit for all kinds of people riding. S8 is equipped with both a saddle and a standing board. Riders can change the riding pattern accordingly. Riding Airwheel S8 is not simply stretching of body, but instead, it requires the cooperation of eyes, hands, legs and waist to achieve balance. Riding S8 can be deemed as exercising. In longer time of riding, riders can sit to relieve the pressure on legs. S8 moves by riders' body control, like leaning forward and backward.


electric self-balancing scooter


Airwheel has worked out the details perfectly for the sitting-posture electric scooter. It has adopted a Cassinian curve design concept, which has lowered rider's center of gravity. Thus the agility and safety level of S8 have all be elevated. The vehicle has been equipped with two 10 inch tyres, enhancing the trafficability. The standing pedals with special texture are made of rubber to absorb shock and guarantee riders' safety. Intelligent sensor systems with multi-points spreading over the saddle and pedals. They respond to pressure accurately and transmit the order to intelligent control center. S8 is equipped with a 2.4G wireless remote control. Riders can lock the vehicle by the remote control.


Airwheel S8


Now, Airwheel products are available on its own website and e-commerce websites like Amazon. There are also learning tips and videos on Airwheel official website to teach beginners how to operate the vehicle.

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