Don't Miss the Fantastic Airwheel 2016 New E3 Smart pocket bike with lithium battery

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Abstract: Recently Airwheel has released its E3 pocket e bike, a bike too fantastic to miss. With fashionable appearance and excellent performance being rolled into one, E3 is totally awesome.

Recently Airwheel has released its E3 backpack e bike, a bike too fantastic to miss. Having a brand-new style while achieving incredible compactness, E3 brings together science, art and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, selecting high-quality materials and paying close attention to details, E3 ensures a wonderful riding experience. In another word, with fashionable appearance and excellent performance being rolled into one, E3 is totally awesome.


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Specifically, its 11.1 kg body has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. By making full use of advanced materials and sturdy structure, E3 achieves smartness and lets you say goodbye to clumsiness. More than that, the frame design is a mix of art and craftsmanship. Resembling a pair of eyes, the frame makes the bike look cute and distinctive, and hence helps to win the hearts of the mass. More amazingly, when folded, these two foldable hollow circles can hold the two foldable tyres, making the bike realize extreme compactness. So innovative and foldable, E3 is a powerful weapon to attract the public attention while bringing you unbelievable convenience.    


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Choosing superb materials and made by heart, Airwheel E3 pocket electric bike guarantees a great riding experience. E3 is equipped with car-level Li-ion battery, light and delicate, giving sufficient and powerful supply. And it chooses 300W high-quality hub motor, offering stable and strong force. As a result, you can surely have a thrilling riding experience. Meanwhile, E3 pays attention to every detail, enabling you to ride safely and comfortably.

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Selecting customized bump-patterned 8 inch tyres, E3 travels stably and smoothly on various road conditions; having an intelligent EBS system which provides better brake power solution, E3 electric bike can let you drive safely; confirming to Ergonomics and adopting left-right seat design, E3 offers a more comfortable riding experience. In short, high-quality and detail-oriented, E3 is really cost-effective.

To conclude, cute and functional, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is worth having.

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