Airwheel electric unicycle Q1 more small size and elegant

  • Source:Airwheel

  Airwheel electric balancing Q1 , represented by its cute, Airwheel self balancing Q1 is most small type, and also the only 12 inch model, more small, cute. Elegant.

  Airwheel electric self balancing Q1 is represent of small and elegant, from ancient time till now, big is bigger, small are elegant, like the original of the Germany, the artwork by a boat in bottle, with artistic atmosphere.

  Airwheel electric unicycle Q1 are most small size in all models and also the only type by 12 inch, though like this , the each parameter of Q1 are confident which compared with the other models, 23 miles distance, 18 km /h max speed, 120 kg max loading and 1 kilowatt per hour low consumption

  The special of Airwheel Q1 , besides the size small, the another is by it two wheeled design, this is also common character of Airwheel Q series, by this design, the whole body was supported by two wheels, which effectively increasing the stability of unicycle, reduce the difficult of learning ,the ride training time from 2 hours to 5 minutes

  As the Airwheel electric balance car Q series of second products, Q1 has a very delicate appearance design. The whole design of partial light, the shell with a matte large area, delicate texture, rich natural colors, geometric shaped decorative strip more width of only 1mm, create a cascading effect, make the whole body more sense.

  In order to make the unicycle have better grip and look more cool, Airwheel electric balance car Q1 customized 12 inch wide flat tire, honorable sense arise spontaneously. The tire contact surface is wider, shorter braking distance, even also can drive at high speed, more safely and more types of riding.

   Airwheel electric car Q1 balance, though small, it is particularly striking for its compact size. Precisely because of this, Q1 better access to female consumers.

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