Electric Scooter Airwheel S3: “Intelligentize” the Future

  • Source:Airwheel

  Airwheel electric scooter S3, since its release, has caused strong repercussion in many countries throughout the world. Airwheel global branding strategy director expressed his gratefulness to distributors and media in an interview. Since the release of the world’s first electric bike, the electric transporter industry has undergone numerous ups and downs in decades. Competitions between major brands have gone fierce, and now the latest personal transporter electric self-balancing scooter is also taking advantage of the mature market.

  Nowadays customers are no longer satisfied with traditional electric bikes as a basic transporter, instead, they crave for something fresh and different. Consequently product innovation and upgrade is the key for an enterprise to take initiative in this war. Airwheel Technology, thanks to its unique insight, launches the brand new Airwheel electric scooter S3 to sharpen its edge and expand the market. Currently Airwheel gets down to building industry bases in the Netherlands and Germany, which aims to expand its market share in Europe and America.


  Airwheel electric unicycle S3 has been dedicated to the optimization of every procedure in product design, technology innovation and quality. S3 is equipped with a leading sensor based on an independently developed self-balance system. It escorts riders’ safety whilst guaranteeing agile response. The driving system is highlighted by a powerful and noiseless maglev motor, which helps alleviate noise pollution for a better environment. In addition, it’s powered by a Japan-made Li-ion battery core mounted by an intelligent energy management system for longer range. When it comes to the tire, control module and handlebar, Airwheel self-balance unicycle S3 also implements the premium branding concept for better quality and experience. The LED flash lights on the control shaft ignite the night driving experience by its distinctive flashing and flowing effect. Furthermore, the latest 9-pin connector protects the joint against violent set-up. Mounted with a magnified 4in LED panel, Airwheel S3 gives clear indication of lights, battery range, speed, temperature, battery level, ect.

  Besides electric scooter, Airwheel has kicked off a global promotion campaign for electric self-balancing scooter to shape a strategic framework based on dual product lines.

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