Sharp movement, Airwheel self balancing scooter, cooler than cool

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  Abstract: In the past two years, in the face of life and death struggle Mars race car market, with perfect posture winning brand and rare, for example Airwheel, for example Ninebot ... those familiar names are becoming the global market share Mars Rover brands rate highest.

  We take a look at such an Airwheel rovers - "Walking in the air wheels." It has been a classic image of calm immersed in people's minds, in addition to all the hormones can stimulate the heart out of the passion of models, and ultimately some real classic cars.

  Airway Q5 self balancing electric scooter Gorgeous Show have summarized the year of 2014. When Airwheel Q 5 show her face into the crowd, we have experienced the Airwheel terrific to superior of X series and Q series , Q5 have lasted the elegant and adorable style, there is change in no change.

  Before the Q5 came out the market, Airwheel already has the classic model, like Q1, X8, these two model became the classic models, it was so sure of special aspects, not only depends on the outside profile will not win the reputation, it by the comprehensive character

  Like Airwheel Q5, check it carefully, you will find the Airwheel most advanced model did some changes

  The design of improved understanding of foot board

  On Q5, we see the aluminum alloy that widened and increased pedal, numerous users reaction time on and off, will be pedal hurt if not careful, Airwheel Q5 deliberately pedal or larger, such a foothold in the riding time would be even larger area, when riding for more secure. In addition, Q5 adds the support feet, this is a creative design, because the wheelbarrow is self balance car, many people think that the self balance car can keep self balance vehicle state, but if the power-off time how to park is a problem, increase the support feet after you can park everywhere.

  Increased the LED light, even ride at night ,it brings people innervations feeling.

Sharp movement, Airwheel self balancing scooter, cooler than cool

  What is for the unicycle itself? Environment protection? Energy saving and eco friendly? actually the young guy who buy the unicycle is just for fashions and trend, increase the LED cooling flashing , attractive people’s eyes, and increasing the safety during the night, also warning the people and vehicle

  Airwheeel Q5 self balancing scooter has lot of details you didn’t see, have the beautiful sense you didn’t’ see, the practicability are never so high like today, compare with other model, Q5 have lot of new features, from outside the streamline to inside the super device, by the way, we have to say, the pad of Q5 on the both side, it can be changed, exciting?

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