It's Exhilarating to Be on the Road with an Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet

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Abstract: If you want to make your journey safer and more wonderful, you can pick up an Airwheel C5 smart helmet. With its multiple functions, C5 can let you have an exhilarating wearing experience.

If you want to make your journey safer and more wonderful, you can pick up an Airwheel C5 smart helmet.

First of all, Airwheel C5 smart helmet can protect your safety and make you comfortable in the whole wearing process. As a device to protect people's heads, C5 is of superb design. The shell surface is made of polycarbonate, which is tough and crush-resistant. Adopting an integrated technology, it is so strong and firm that it can bear great impact so as to protect your head. Having a wide working temperature range, the helmet can protect your safety even under harsher environment. With a comprehensive ventilating system, it ensures the ventilation strength as well as width, giving you a fresh and cool wearing experience. In a word, C5 is a competent and comfortable helmet.


intelligent helmet with camera


Furthermore, Airwheel C5 helmet can make your travel colorful and interesting. It has a built-in high-contrast camera, so that you can record your journey vividly. With one key to control, it is easy to operate. Having high-quality lens and 150-degree large view, C5 can reproduce what you have seen vividly and provide an immersive experience to others. Wearing a C5, you can catch every exciting moment of your travel effortlessly and excellently.


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Moreover, through the mobile phone app, you can control the video, take pictures and retrospect the images. Just as important, C5 is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, through which you can listen to music and answer phone calls in a safer way. In short, C5 helmet can let you have great fun.    

In summary, Airwheel C5 helmet can fulfill so many tasks and let you fully enjoy yourself on the road.

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