Is S3 really a qualified smart electric unicycle?

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  4999,14900,three times the price difference, so the recent new listings Airwheel S3 highly controversial. The S3 with such low price makes people have the question: why yours are so expensive even 3 times high? Three times the difference, does it have excellent value, or just market the trick? Airwheel also become the target: Is S3 really a qualified smart car?

  In fact, I am also very curious about this, then I will make airwheel and ninebot E parameter comparison, according to the final conclusions, Please judge by yourself. After all, everyone’s perspective is different.

  In appearance, both of them are blue and white, S3 wheels with a green circular decorative, Ninebot E using high-tech resin material, S3 is a new high-tech PC shell material. The resin material is a material derived from a variety of plants, particularly hydrocarbons secretions not crashworthiness, no impact, but the wear resistance; PC having excellent properties of impact resistance,it is light, thin,due to high refractive index characteristics .

  In the selection of main body frame, ninebot E and S3 have chosen the field of aviation special magnesium alloy material, because of its small density on weight, 1/3 lighter than aluminum of the same size, resistance to shock and vibration.

  battery is the most important part. Ninebot E use TESLA Model S lithium battery, battery constituted by two redundant hot backup battery, energy density 50% higher than the average lithium. S3 uses Sony batteries imported from Japan, also by two battery protection board. ninebot E Mileage to 20km / h, S3 Mileage 15-65KM.

  ninebot E joystick made of aluminum alloy, S3 joystick is also aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy sturdy, will not be deformed. As the handle, ninebot E is a resin plastic handle, S3 is a natural rubber material. Consider the degree of comfort in the handle, plastic hand grip might slip easily grasp, while natural rubber easy grip, but will be sweating sticky summer. Both have advantages and disadvantages count it. By the way, two cars handle is removable replaceable.

Is S3 really a qualified smart electric unicycle?

  Although cf. object ninebot E and S3 are given is different, the two companies want to explain the same reason: driving the smart electric vehicles, environmentally friendly, green, energy saving.

  Ninebot and airwheel compare walking with smart car, walking better than the smart car, smart car is more better than energy-efficient vehicle , smart car has become a unique and irreplaceable environmental best way to travel.

  Finally, we give additional functionality PK under these two cars, and also we are very interested.

  Both the smart car has a cell phone connectivity features, the difference is, ninebot E covers mobile Internet capabilities: Parameter settings, dashboard, vehicle information queries, and Bluetooth control Multi-function, all done through phone operating; and S3 mobile phone Internet function can only play music, but another 4.0-inch LCD screen, real-time monitoring of driving conditions, while the temperature display.

  Two cars on the safety performance also reflects the strengths and weaknesses, ninebot E and S3 has the tail brake lights, the atmosphere before the car lights and joystick atmosphere lights for night driving.

  Generally is the case, two cars parameters above, ninebot E is three times the price of S3, do not know when consumers actually choose which one will be more interested in it? Some would say, ninebot E function seems a little more full, horsepower is also strong ah, yes, yes, but is this gap, spend three times the price, like the difference iphone6 and iphone6plus, both of the only difference in screen size, the price difference is more than a thousand, it is worthwhile, everyone is its own. But this is not just a difference of two cars one thousand only.

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