Airwheel electric self balancing unicycle Q 1: little body, better use

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  Little Airwheel electric unicycle Q1, can from the traffic flow in the unhurried crossed over, did not suffer the influence of road conditions. Because of this, the Airwheel Q1 just became many white-collars better choice.

  Airwheel Electric balancing unicycle Q1, is representative of small size but great use, from now on, the energy saving has become the working principal of people life , take a look are the resent years products, the size become the smaller and smaller, energy waste is less, the energy crisis has become the common to all the people, people who use to waste the energy started to thinking and pay more attention on the energy saving personal transport, for example the Airwheel Q1

  Airwheel electric self balancing Q1 is international Airwheel lunched personal transporter. Airwheel focus on fashionable, eco friendly and portable personal transporter, it has X series, Q series , and S series , the Q1 was second lunched product for the Q series on the summer of year 2014, the full weight is 10.60 kgs, maximum speed is 18km/h. distance is 20 km.

  Airwheel Self balancing unicycle Q1 has two specials, first of all, it is the first 12 tire of Airwheel product, the second is because it is flat type, have better grip ability, feel better ride, therefore, we can said , we did paid lot of intelligent technology for making the Q1 model.

  The second feature of Airwheel Q1 is double wheeled design, the benefits of double wheeled design is increase the holding power between two wheels, in order to reduce the learning time without afraid and difficult, because of one wheel is hard to control.

  Many people buy Airwheel unicycle Q1, it used as the personal transporter instead of walk, at the peak time of commute every day, the crowded bus just like canned sardines, surrounded by horn noise, with Q1 will feel unhurried, without affected by traffic, which is why the Q1 has become the white collar’s best choice.

  Besides of dairy commute, Airwheel electric unicycle Q1,also suitable or dairy street walk, nearby suburb for leisure, whatever you go, it is good partner.

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